MNsure is a new marketplace where individuals, families and small business will be able to get quality, affordable health coverage that fits your budget.

We know how complicated it can be to choose health insurance. Questions may arise about coverage, premium, and many different issues, but the Insurance Center of Buffalo is able to assist you with all of your MNsure and other health insurance questions.


Individuals and Families

Maybe you cannot get health insurance through your employer? Maybe you are self-employed? work part-time? are looking for work?

That’s where the Insurance Center of Buffalo and MNsure can help you. We can help you obtain quality, affordable health coverage that fits your budget and health care needs.


Small Employers (up to 50 employees)

It can be challenging to provide health insurance to your employees. You want to be on track with your competition to provide health insurance for employees, which mean happier, healthier, and a loyal workforce.

With MNsure, you can choose from a range of quality plans or contribute a set amount toward your employees’ coverage and let the employee pick a plan that’s right for them. We can help you set up an account and manage the process for you.

Are you wondering if you’ll be subject to penalties? Check out the flow chart for the answer!


Large Employers (over 50 employees)

MNsure is currently not open to large employers. It may possibly be open to them in the future. The decision will be determined by future legislation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lower my cost?

Maybe. You may qualify for a low-cost or free plan. Tax credits (called advanced premium tax credits) are available to individuals making $47,080 or less and a family of four making $97,000 or less. The amount of assistance is based on a sliding scale, so the higher your income, the lower the amount of assistance.

I have a pre-existing condition. Can I buy insurance through MNsure?

Definitely. Starting in 2014, no insurer can deny anyone health insurance based on health status, inside or outside of MNsure.

Does everyone have to purchase health insurance?

Yes. Beginning January 1, 2014, all U.S. citizens and legal residents will be required to obtain health insurance coverage. Many will be covered by an employer plan, some will qualify for health programs, and others will purchase it themselves.

What happens if I don’t buy coverage?

You will pay a tax penalty. The penalty will increase over time.


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